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Ogun State Co-operative Federation Limited. (OGSCOFED) is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established in line with International and National best practices as the umbrella body to unite, represent and serve Co-operative Societies in Ogun State. OGSCOFED Limited like all other Co-operative Societies in the State is registered under the Ogun State Co-operative Societies’ Laws.

All Co-operative Societies registered in the State are statutory member affiliates of OGSCOFED Limited. Members of OGSCOFED Limited are found in all sectors of the economy including agriculture, banking, health, transport, the informal sector, corporate organisations and industries as well as Federal and State Ministries, Departments and Agencies including Houses of Assembly.

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Reader Comments

  1. Good day sir/ma, I am a HND graduate of Federal Cooperative College, Eleyele Ibadan. I graduated in 2018 and did my NYSC at Anambra state.

    I know there are professional bodies backed by act of parliament for professions like Engineering(CoREN/NSE), Medicine(NMA), Law(NBA), Pharmacy(NPS), Banking(CIPB), Accounting(ICAN), Teaching(TRCN) etc.

    I want to ask, what is the effort of all cooperative personnel in Nigeria to see to it that there is a professional body backed by law for the regulation of cooperative activities in Nigeria?

    I asked this having in mind the importance of cooperative societies to Nigerian economy and economic growth especially at this CoViD-19 and post CoViD-19 period.

    Also, there seem to be no real job available for graduates of cooperative courses as majority of them are wasting away at home except for few who are lucky to be employed in the public sector for some few states which have ministry for cooperative.
    Apart from that, they are only being employed by cooperative societies as managers who paid them peanuts (like #10,000, #15,000 or probably #20,000) as salaries which is just nothing compared with what the reality is as regards the economic situation in Nigeria today.
    Some cooperative societies even offer #8,000 to graduates!

    I think if there is a professional body for cooperative professionals and this body pushed for more recognition for cooperative graduates and make government give more attention to cooperative from federal level and establish cooperative centres in all local government, this will make the course lucrative and the graduates well recognized like the doctors, lawyers, accountants etc because cooperative is also as important to the nation as those professions.

    1. You are right, but there is one called ICOPRON (Institute of Co-operative Professional of Nigeria) whose bill is before the House of Representative for consideration.

      Institute of Co-operative Professional of Nigeria (ICOPRON) National Office is located at Awka Ibom for now, but had secured an office at Sheda, FCT Abuja already, while there is a Chapter in all States.

      With people like you, contributing his or her quota, we shall reached the promise land.

      Co-op! Co-op!! Co-op!!! Co-operative!

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