1. Auditing of Books and Records of all Co-operative organizations in the State.
  2. Promotion and Extension of Co-operative Businesses.
  3. Propagation and Education
  4. Sponsorship of New Ventures
  5. Representation of Co-operative interests both internally and at International level
  6. To promote the integration of women and the youth in Cooperative activities
  7. Public Relations
  8. General welfare of the Co-operative Movement
  9. To collaborate with State and relevant institutions in the field of Co-operative Education of members and Staff of Co-operative Societies.
  10. Service to Co-operative Farmers etc.
  11. Undertaking or participating in any gainful business capable of bringing in revenue to the Federation.
  12. Becoming a member any National or International Co-operative organization or other bodies whose objectives are in whole or in part similar to the objectives of the Federation.
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