By: Badejo Adeyemi

When Alhaji (Dr). AbdulRazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD was elected in December 18th 2013 as OGSCOFED Limited President, many thought that it would be business as usual, that is usually filled with little or no achievements.

Being a high-performer with genuine interest to better the lives of Cooperators and improve the Ogun State Cooperative Movement, Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD and his hardworking team of Mr. M. T. Idowu (Abeokuta Branch I); Pa. Timothy Fasina (Treasurer, 2013 – 2015); Mr. ‘Dara Adekunle (2016 – 2017); Mr. Taiwo Olatunji (Treasurer, Yewa South Branch), Evang. Philip Babatunde (Abeokuta Branch II), Alhaji Akinwunmi Dauda (Abeokuta Central Branch); Chief C. O. Ogunkoya (Ijebu Central Branch, 2013 – 2018); Pastor Femi Oluronbi (Ijebu Central Branch); Pa. R. O. Badmus (Ijebu North Branch); Alhaji Yissau Titilola (Remo Branch I); Hon. Olamijulo Owoseje (Remo Branch II); Elder Kayode Salako (Yewa North Branch); Mrs. Joke Ogunjobi (Ogun Central Salary Earners Zone, 2010 – 2015); Mr. L. A. Makinde (Ogun Central Salary Earners Zone, 2010 – 2018); Pastor J. O. Fadipe (Ogun Central Salary Earners Zone, 2010 – 2018); Mr. J. A. Ladipo (Ogun Central Salary Earners Zone, 2010 – 2018); Alhaji Kamorudeen Adedo (Ogun Central Salary Earners Zone); Mr. Lukman Asifat (Ogun Central Salary Earners Zone); Mrs. Kudirat Adesina (Ogun Central Salary Earners Zone); Mr. Isiaka Labulo (Ogun Central Salary Earners Zone); Alhaji S. A. O. Akinsanya (Ijebu Zone Salary Earners); Mr. B. I. Adeyemi (Yewa Zone Salary Earners, 2010 – 2018); Dr. B. A. Yusuf (Remo Zone Salary Earners, 2010 – 2018); Mrs. O. G. Sobunkonla (Remo Zone Salary Earners); Alhaji T. A. Adegunle (Ogun State League of CTCMUS Limited, 2013 – 2017); Mrs. A. A. Adebiyi (Ogun State League of CTCMUS Limited); Alhaji Taofeek Oyetola (OGSCOMOT Ltd, 2013 – 2017); Elder Wole Oguntoyinbo (OGSCOMOT Ltd); Alhaji Wahab Elegbede (CFA Limited, 2011 – 2019); Alhaji M. A. Jinadu (CFA Ltd, 2019 – 2020); Alhaji S. K. Adeyanju (CFA Ltd); Mrs. B. A. Ogundeyi (OWIC); Chief (Mrs). C. F. Agunbiade (Ogun State Women’s League); Mrs. J. Olawanle Bisiriyu (Executive Secretary, 2013 – 2020); Mr. David I. Ayelabola (Executive Secretary OGSCOFED Limited) rolled up their sleeves to take up the herculean tasks that lay ahead of their journey of Eight (8) years.

The Board of Directors comprising of Ten (10) Branches, Four (4) Zones, Three (3) State Apexes and One (1) Women’s League to contribute their expertise and influence for the achievement of the various agenda of the Cooperative Movement.

Fast forward to year 2020, the team, supported by the Board of Directors, weathered the various social, political and economic challenges thrown at it to rise above waters and consequently raise the bar of leadership in the annals of Ogun State Cooperative Movement.

Since 2013 when Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD was elected as President of OGSCOFED Limited till now, his administration has achieved numerous feats which are worth mentioning. Some of these achievements are listed below:

  1. Reconciliation and promotion of unity among all Cooperative leaders in the Movement – bringing aggrieved parties together.
  2. Improved the working relationship and cooperation between the Cooperative Movement and Directorate of Cooperative Services Office in Ogun State.
  3. National Honour and Award of Best Cooperative Federation of the year 2018 by The Cooperative Rating and Award Society of Nigeria (CRASON) in conjunction with Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Federal Department of Cooperatives.
  4. Employment of more staff and continuous capacity building staff, without gainsaying one must not forget the topnotch performances of Alhaji (Dr). AbdulRazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD administration in the area of staff and staff emolument.
  5. Design and launching of OGSCOFED Limited’s website (
  6. Redesigned OGSCOFED Limited identity in compliance with the International Cooperative Identity.
  7. Commenced and Continued broadcast of Àlàjẹsẹku Àlàjumọsé Àlàfọwọsówọpọ Kàrí Àyé radio program on Ogun Radio Abeokuta (OGBC II 90.5FM), every Monday Morning from 11am to 11:30am.
  8. Beautification of OGSCOFED Limited Building.
  9. Physical upliftment of the OGSCOFED Limited Building, starting with the meeting hall which was in a highly dilapidated position before the inauguration of Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD led Administration. Also, other parts of the building brought habitable standard including the unfurnished President office and provision of toilets which was not in place before the Administration.
  10. Designing and Launching of OGSCOFED Digit Mobile App
  11. Acquired Two (2) official buses from Cooperative Investment and Trust Society Limited (CITS), now Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited (OCCL) and Ogun State Government.
  12. Cooperative propaganda on OGSCOFED Limited social media channels

The numerous achievements of Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD did not go unnoticed among the comity of Cooperative Movement in Nigeria. As icing on the cake of his various achievements, he was appointed as the South West Coordinator of Cooperative Federation of Nigeria (CFN), the Apex body for all Cooperative Societies and organizations in Nigeria.

Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD led Administration is finishing the race well, strong and with gait.

To cap it all, we want to thank you for your incredible leadership and patience despite the turbulent challenges that your administration passed through.

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