Webinar: Cooperation among Cooperatives: Crafting your COVID-19.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Cooperation among Cooperatives: Crafting your Covid-19 Response webinar that was held on 21st May 2020 with participants from ICA-Africa and US Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC) members.

During this webinar, the ICA-Africa Regional Director, Dr. Chiyoge Sifa gave a message of hope to the participants. She highlighted that though the Covid-19 pandemic had shaken the cooperative movement in Africa, it is still possible to grab the opportunity presented by the new environment so as not to undermine the economic and social fabric of the cooperative movement. Dr. Sifa urged the cooperative members to think of the vulnerable populations as there is need for more inclusion during such times as this. It will be important to refocus the policies and actions towards universal health, food security, decent housing among other priorities.

Mr. CYESA Gallican, the Executive Secretary of National Cooperative Confederation of Rwanda (NCCR) and Ms. Julia Baumgarther of Equal Exchange presented case studies of how cooperatives are responding to covid-19. The two presentations are available here and also attached. 

There was a session for sharing different experiences and it was evident that cooperation among cooperatives and concern for community principles are being practiced during this covid-19 pandemic by most cooperatives in Africa.

This was the first webinar organized by ICA-Africa and participants recommended that there need to be monthly webinars tackling various cooperative challenges and special trainings. Disaster preparedness was also an issue highlighted as a best practice both at the national and regional level by the cooperative movement. Stay tuned for our future communications on more webinars!

If you  participated  or wish to participate in future webinars, please complete this short survey attached (less than 5 min).

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