Olota-of-Ota, Prof Oladele, others Commission Ministry Of Defence’s CMS Water Factory in Ogun

High Royal Majesty, Olota of Ota, Oba Adeyemi Obalanlege (Lanlege Ekun II), and the Dean, Faculty of Management, Federal University Oye Ekiti, Professor Olajide Oladele, were among other eminent dignitaries who on Tuesday commissioned the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Cooperative Multipurpose  Society (CMS) Limited

Water Factory at Iyana Iyesi Ota, Ado-odo Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State.    

The unveiling of the new water factory which took place on Tuesday was monitored by Nigerian NewsDirect.     

Speaking at the commissioning event, the Chairman of the occasion, Professor Olajide Oladele commended the determined effort of the leadership of the Cooperative for the realization of the vision.   

He said, “Many of the problems we have as Professor, is because we do not market ourselves, and all these things we do in the University, we are not marketing them. Projects and research work were kept on the shelf without implementation; that is not the purpose of academics.

Highlighting the essential qualities that he believes play critical roles in the success of the Cooperative and perhaps all entrepreneur success stories, he asserted: “What I’m saying, in essence, is that someone needs to be restless. The President of the Cooperative and his team are very restless and what we have come to commission today is a product of their restlessness.

“For instance, with all his investment, Dangote is still not resting, because as an entrepreneur when you succeed in a venture you move to the next task. It is called the second call principle,” he said.

The University Don cum management expert, pointed out that the price of success is the same in all clime and no time is too late for adventure into business. 

“The fact is success has secret and it’s determination, focus, commitment, restlessness. Our line of thought should be geared towards having a very restful retirement.

“We need to develop the capacity to lead a comfortable life with or without the input of our children in old age, because if this is not done, it will get to a level that the children may see us as a burden,” he said.

In the same vein, the Vice President of MOD CMS Ltd Mrs. Omoyele Ganiyat,  advised other Ministries and organizations to toll the line of the cooperatives in terms of capacity to solve national problems. 

She said: “I will like to advise other Ministries, Organizations and salary earners to imbibe the cooperative’s idea because it serves as a financial support system.”   

Also, the President Olufemi Obakoya in a separate interview advised other cooperatives to look beyond solely loan management but think outside the box.   

He said, “the cooperative society cannot just rely on loan; obviously it will shrink and the major responsibility of conquering poverty will not be delivered. Therefore, we had to think outside the box to see how we can add more value to our members. 

“The space you are seeing here used to be a bush, but by innovative ideas, it first became a block industry and now metamorphosed into a standard water factory.” 

Speaking about the challenge of leadership, he revealed that “The challenge is, the more accomplishment and feat you achieve as a leader, the more the assignment committed into your  hands.

“For instance, I get over 200 messages and 500 calls per day and mostly I will have to reply to them. But I cannot take all, and some people complain I don’t pick their calls. 

“Also, part of the challenge is, our members spread across the 36 states of the Federation; they cannot all come to Lagos to sign the loan form. So, we used the money to send a loan form to them and this involves a lot of management.

“But now, the stress is a bit relieved because now we have our mobile Software Application through which transaction can be performed. We no longer go to the bank, we pay directly from our office through the mobile application.

“It is computerized in such a way that we can all work from our respective locations, and this has tremendously helped the credit committee in discharging their responsibilities. The MOD CMS for now, is strictly for Ministry of Defense staff.” 

He advised the government to do more for the masses, while youth should also take responsibility.

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