Ola Cooperative Foundation (OCF) unveil Cooperative Job Portal

We are proud to introduce to you www.coopcareers.com.ng

Getting staff for day to day runnings of our various cooperative organizations is one of the major problem cooperative is facing in Nigeria, not to talk of competent staff. And in some cases, most big company Workers/Staff Cooperative personnel working as staff are Accountant, Economist, Business Administrator etc who don’t have the basic knowledge of cooperative from any cooperative institution and therefore taking up our jobs.

Bridging this gap, Ola Cooperative Foundation (OCF) decided to do a search on Google if there is any JOB SEARCH PORTAL for cooperative job and none was found.

Due to the above, www.coopcareer.com.ng was designed to be the pioneer COOPERATIVE JOB SEARCH PORTAL in Nigeria. The purpose of this website is to create an avenue for COOPERATIVE EMPLOYER and EMPLOYEE to meet in facilitating an easy process leveraging on the internet. www.coopcareers.com.ng is meant for the cooperative sectors only. All vacant jobs that will be posted on the website are only cooperative jobs. If you are a graduate with CERTIFICATE, DIPLOMA, ND, HND, BSC or MSC in Cooperative studies/economics/management/extension etc this website is for you.

The portal is COMPLETELY FREE to use and is made up of three key sections: Cooperative Employees, Cooperative Employers and Volunteers.

The Employees section is for CV submission by anybody with any cooperative certificate from any cooperative awarding college, polyethnic and University in Nigeria: (https://www.coopcareers.com.ng/coop_employees.php)

Cooperative Employers section is for Cooperative societies, Union, Apexes etc that need a vacancy to be filled up.  (https://www.coopcareers.com.ng/coop_employers.php)

The volunteer section is to help in job creations. Forming a New Cooperative Organization requires a cooperative professional to handle, and when platform like this don’t exist in the past, individual or group of people gets into the hand of quack. This will help moderate such. (https://www.coopcareers.com.ng/volunteers.php)

Approving jobs will be done manually for now through an admin after the job posted had being verified and users can check the website frequently for new jobs. Very soon with more enlightenment the process will be fully automated with other features and users can get job notice in there email and can apply with a single click since their complete CV is on the portal.

We must begin to provide platforms that will bring development into cooperative. I share this dream because nothing can be achieve alone without the support of others and volunteers.

Therefore i enjoin you to help share the news to all cooperative graduates and organisations that our OWN Cooperative Job Portal is live online.

Ola Otinwa

Founder, Ola Cooperative Foundation (OCF)




Published: Badejo Adeyemi

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