OGSCOFED plans to embark on digital accounting

Change is the law of life and those who look to the past and present are certain to miss the future”. – John F. Kennedy. Good things take time.

On Tuesday, 9th of February, 2021 OGSCOFED Seminar Committee in charge of Cooperative Education Programme organized a meeting with some Software experts at H. O. Kudoro Board room, ‘Tayo Sobanjo Building, Cooperative House, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The Chairman of the Committee, Evang. Philip Babatunde welcomed the President of OGSCOFED Limited, Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun who was invited as an adviser at the meeting and all other Committee members to the meeting and thereafter call on the Software experts one by one to present:

Mr. Adesoji Adenowo presented a Proposal for the Implementation of CoopSolve Accounting Software where he said “the idea that was kick-started and culminated in the production of a near total Accounting Application Software Solution for Co-operatives dates back over 30 years. Our group of forward looking, knowledge seeking young Cooperative and Information Technology Professionals took the decision to make Cooperative business a very serious issue”.

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He also explained more on the objectives and benefits of the software, the Technical Qualities and Capabilities and some of the General Features as Modular system design, Parameter driven application design, User-friendly graphical user interface and so on.

He further introduced CoopSolve and said “CoopSolve is Cooperatives Accounting package developed in Nigeria to local specifications but comparable with other International enterprise solution software like Oracle Financial, Sage, Sun Accounting etc. The features of each modular application are very robust and they interface seamlessly with each other to provide users with the necessary access to required information and reports.

However, this software because of its localised hindsight of development can easily be customised to client’s specific requirements and adaptation. It is a windows based application software and so easy to use.” He further explained on the subject topic DEPLOYMENT/INSTALLATION, DEVELOPER’S SECURITY, CLIENT’S SECURITY and User’s security.

Mr. Ogundana Oseni, Nurudeen Adenekan and Damilare Bamigbola from Interakt Company started their presentations for Mobile App Development for Cooperative Society by explaining that “Mobile Apps provides a hassle free, user friendly affordable communication platform to develop healthy relations between housing society members and a smarter way of interconnectivity. It manages housing society through Interakt which assists the Society members to play their roles effectively”. He said further “that the Chairman or Secretary plays a role of administrator allowing registration of residents so that they can use these registration details to login and to access the services. This app use concepts is of data mining. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and economical management for future work”.

Mr. Omotola Oyelude from PTAS Solutions International Limited presented a Smartcoop software and said “at PTAS Solutions, we’ve built over four years of experience in the SaaS industry – experience that helps us find innovative solutions to our clients’ needs. In this age of technology, we give you more than just the best solutions. We give you the most dependable solutions. We create solutions for schools, hospitals, financial institution, agriculture and creative sector because we believe the more you need technology to furl your business, the more you need experts who can capture and innovate your thoughts with your success in mind! Big or small we have got the solutions to aid your growth and success. Our flagship product SmartCoop, an ERP for the complete management of Cooperative Societies. With Smartcoop, you have all the tools necessary for running a modern financial institution into one platform that is simple, flexible, and reliable. All the requisite modules for the day to day administration of your institution are incorporated in Smartcoop”. He further explained on the challenge, the solutions and other offers and end his presentation with a quote “if we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we are not really living” – Gail Sheehy”

Mr. Babatunde Oridola, Chief Responsibility Officer J&B Concept and Associate partner Mr. Akeem Alade introduced a Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software. He said “J & B Concept, Ota Ogun State, began operations in the year 2013. The branch office of the company is located at KM1, Agobaba road, Owode Yewa South, Ogun State. We are team of Professionals committed to driving the economy of Nigeria by assisting Cooperative Societies and small business organization to keep standard accounting records.” He then presented an accounting software that he has already made for an organization and display how it works.

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The Chairman of the Committee in charge of Co-operative Education Programme, Evang. Philip Babatunde and President OGSCOFED Limited, Alhaji A. Ola Balogun thanked all the presenters and said they will be contacted soon.

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