OGSCOFED Limited: Sendforth party in honour of Mrs. J. Olawanle Bisiriyu

The sendforth party was held on Thursday, 10th of December, 2020 at the Cooperative House, OGSCOFED Limited Building, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria to celebrate and honour the retired Executive Secretary of OGSCOFED Limited, Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu.

The event was spectacle, colourful and entertaining from start to end. The event had as its MC Popular comedian and radio personality Mr. Olawale Ampitan, popularly known as “MC Governor Alawada” who kept the event alive, cracking jokes and having everyone to laugh out loud and smile.

Alhaji Yissau Titilola

The Opening prayer was said by Alhaji Yissau Titilola, President, Remo Branch I of OGSCOFED Limited in a Muslim way.

In attendance were dignitaries from various Cooperative climes and also some personalities who were invited to the high table:

They include:

The President, Cooperative Federation of Nigeria (CFN) and the Former President of Lagos State Cooperative Federation Limited (LASCOFED), High Chief Oriyomi Ayeola,

The OGSCOFED Limited President, Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD,

The Chairman Sendforth Planning Committee, Mr. Michael Tunde Idowu,

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, Ogun State, Ms. Seye Fatudimu

The Deputy Director, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, Ogun State, Mr. Akeem Ayodeji Ogunjimi,

The Royal Father of the day, HRH Oba Lawrence Olawale Adisa Odeyinka, the first Olu of Siun,

The Mother of the day, Chief (Mrs.) Fafunso Mopelola, Arowosegbe of OGSCOFED Limited,

The Past President of OGSCOFED Limited, Pa. Tayo Sobanjo B.Ed (Wales) mnim,

Delegate from Egba Cooperative Leaders, Elder E. T. Elegbede

The Executive Secretary, Federation of Osun State Cooperative Limited (FOSCOOP), Alhaji Wasiu Tiamiyu,

The Executive Secretary, Oyo State Cooperative Federation Limited (OYSCOFED), Mr. Agboluade

The Chairman, Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation, Honourable Yahyah Olodeoku,

The President Tijaniyat Organization, Alhaji Sheikh Salisu Adenekan

The Founder and President, Nurain-deen Islamiyat Organization of Nigeria, Alhaji Sheikh Ibrahim Olaseni Akanbi Eniyo

The Former President, Ogun State Cooperative Motor Owners and Transporter Limited, Revd. M. B. Onasanya,

Mr. M. T. Idowu

The Opening address was given by the Chairman, Sendforth Committee, Mr. M. T. Idowu, where he thank the Almighty for making the day’s ceremony possible with remark that “we are all gathered here today to celebrate a Cooperative icon in person of Mrs. Jemilat Olawanle Bisiriyu, the retiring Executive Secretary, Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED). She is describe to be a lady who has been able to successfully combined academic, hard work and natural beauty together to make a name and a figure in life.

To buttress my point, let me try to analyze for you, some of the qualities this woman has, that make her become what she is today; adaptability and humility that help her to be able to manage Five (5) different OGSCOFED Limited Presidents together with their Board Members successfully during the course of her 35years in the administration of this Federation.

Now that the Executive Secretary is retiring though not at all tired, I am very much convinced in my mind that she would still continue to be relevant in Cooperative arena and Ogun State Cooperative organization so as to benefit from her numerous wealth of experience in cooperative system for long. Finally, He said “on behalf of the Sendforth Committee, the Ogun State Cooperative Movement wish her amiable Executive Secretary, the one and only “Bẹẹrẹ Alajẹsẹku, Àlàfọwọsówọpọ in Ogun State”, happy retirement”.

Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD

The President OGSCOFED Limited and CFN South West Coordinator, Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD was also in his address said “I considered myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with the celebrant for seven (7) good and progressive years, the period we both work tirelessly in the repositioning of our Federation, Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) to become the “Best Among Equals” in the Comity of Cooperative Movement in Nigeria. During these years, I found the celebrant to be divinely blessed with good virtues and unique attributes of a well-mannered, perseverance, highly committed with passion for the progress of Cooperative Movement, very intelligent with highly retentive memories on Cooperative history of the Movement in Southwest of Nigeria, a thoroughly honest person, loyal, trustworthy, dependable and straightforward.

These attributes are some of the reasons why she was able to remain in the services of Ogun State Cooperative Federation for as long as Thirty-five (35) years in an Organization like ours where unverified information rumour mongering and insinuations are the order of the day amongst members and those who supposed to enforce statutes.

For her to have remained in the OGSCOFED services for that long years which is about 59.32% of her life so far and without allowing her reputation and integrity to be negatively impacted should be commended”.

Finally, he congratulated and wished her a blissful retirement.

L – R: Mr. D. I. Ayelabola and Mrs. J. Ola Bisiryu

A farewell speech was presented by Mr. David Igbekele Ayelabola, Head of Audit Department, OGSCOFED Limited on behalf of OGSCOFED Staff at the occasion, where he said “how can one eulogize a boss, a sister and/or a mother to her subordinates without being found guilty of bias? That is the task this speech of mine will want to do as I try to balance issues raised. Having served 35 years with the Ogun State Cooperative Movement, right from the bottom to the highest position of the ladder, one needs to say that our retiring but not tired Executive Secretary, Bẹẹrẹ Jẹmilat Olawanle Bisiriyu (Nee Sobowale) had distinguished herself as a Cooperative Administrative Guru, a Cooperative Phenomenal Speaker for which a past Ogun State Cooperative Federation Ltd President described as “The Google of Ogun Cooperative Movement” who like the internet Google, Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu will give a current answer to any question asked about the Ogun Cooperative Movement. In one statement, Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu is the Encyclopedia of the Ogun Cooperative Movement”.

He said “having freeing herself from the daily antagonizes of Ogun Cooperators and from the agitations of the Departmental societies on the platform of No Position, No A.S.F, OGSCOFED Staff will be lamenting of who will talk to the OGSCOFED Board on matters pertaining to the upward enhancement of workers welfare as Ministry Cooperative Personnels will find relief on the person that always step on their toes. All these dynamics stated above showcased how successful Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu managed these human issues”.

“Economics, they say show no emotion as Economics is about Deal making, which public administration don’t like. But, Cooperative Economics is about People Deal making balanced with emotion. With an environment where Cooperative leaders talk only about Economics and Deal making, who will balance that Cooperative Principles of people and emotion which Cooperative leaders don’t want to imbibe?
Here lies the vacuum Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu retirement create, and which Ogun Cooperative Leaders must learn to imbibe by swallowing the realities as I ask the Ministry of Community Development and Cooperative officials to take note. Bẹẹrẹ, you have created a huge vaccum”.

“It was Professor Jerry Gana, a former Minister for Information in his days that says “if you are a Messenger, message well. If you are a Cleaner, clean well. If you are a Teacher, teach well. Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu, when she was an Auditor she audited well, when as an Administrator, she administered well. Also, as a Speaker, she spoke well. The above description is the true nature of our celebrant. So for us as Cooperators, we should continue to cooperate with those of us she is leaving behind.

As we have arrived at the time to say Goodbye, I can assure you Ma, that when a comprehensive history of Ogun State Cooperative Movement would be written, your 35 dedicated years of service will be described to be Ogun State Cooperative Movement Finest Hour because like Ancient Roman Empire Julius Ceaser, “Venis – You come, Vidis – You Saw, Vinci – You Won”

He thereafter wish to reiterate once again, that our woman of the moment, Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu is leaving us today for good, and he want to join all cooperators in the State to pray and decree into her life that Our Heavenly Father will beautify your life and that of your family. So he therefore asked everybody seated to stand up with humility and say 7 GBOSA to our retiring Mama for the job well done while in the service of the Federation. He further said that “within your time here, you have done many things that endeared the management”.

Finally, he wish the celebrant a Happy and blissful Retirement life, with the quote “Oga wa, we will continue to remember you”.

L-R: Alhaji Wasiu Tiamiyu, Executive Secretary FOSCOOP; The Celebrant, Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu and Mr. Agboluade, the Executive Secretary OYSCOFED Limited

The Executive Secretaries, South West States congratulate the celebrant and I quote “it is with great in our heart that we celebrate our dear colleague and sister, Mrs. J. Olawanle Bisiriyu as she is retiring today as the Executive Secretary of OGSCOFED Limited. Your brilliance and diligent disposition to Cooperative duties has contributed greatly to the enviable position of the Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited among its peers in Nigeria. We are proud to say you have paid your dues, now is the time for you to start receiving your dividends. Wishing you a blissful retirement”

L – R: Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu and HRH Oba Lawrence Odeyinka, the first Olu of Siun

A short address was given by the Royal Father of the day, HRH Oba Lawrence Olawale Odeyinka, the first Olu of Siun at the occasion.

High Chief Oriyomi Ayeola

A Goodwill Message from the CFN President, High Chief Oriyomi Ayeola which was read to all.

The Deputy Director of Cooperative Services, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, Cooperative Department, Mr. Akeem Ayodeji Ogunjimi (aka paracetamol) gave the Director of Cooperative Services address at the occasion where he elegized the celebrant for all she has done to move Co-operative Movement forward.

L – R: Evang. Philip Babtunde (Abeokuta Branch II President), Mr. Ayodeji Ogunjimi (Deputy Director of Cooperative Services), Ms. Seye Fatudimu (Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives), Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu (the retiree), Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun (President OGSCOFED Limited) and Alhaji Yissau Titilola (President, Remo Branch I of OGSCOFED Limited)

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, Ms. Seye Fatudimu gave a short address at the occasion as she wish the celebrant a happy retirement bliss.

The awaiting book all have been looking for was launched by the CFN South West Coordinator and President OGSCOFED Limited, Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD. Thereafter, a cultural group dance was presented by the “Bisiriyu Babes cultural dancers” to entertain the invitees before father Christmas presented gifts to all.

L – R: Mrs. Ifeoluwa Odunewu, Mrs. Ajoke Mathew, Mrs. Adebola Okanlawon, Mrs. Folakemi, Miss. Josephine Olalere and Mrs. Timothy Taiwo
Mr. Kunle Akigbogun, Administrative Manager, Ogun State League of CTCMUS Limited
Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu

To end the occasion, a vote of thanks was given by the celebrant, Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu, she said “I give thanks to God Almighty for making today possible, I appreciate the honor done on me and my family by physical attendance of dignitaries from Cooperative Movement of Ogun State, Officials from the Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, the Cooperative Leaders from South West Nigeria, the President, Cooperative Federation of Nigeria (CFN), the Executive Secretaries in the South West, notable Cooperative officers retired, the Cooperative Administrative Managers in Ogun State, Staff of OGSCOFED Limited and State Apexes Staff, My in laws, Baales and Kabiyesi, our mothers in Cooperatives etc for gracing today’s occasion. I appreciate your moral support and prayers, as you honor me, may Almighty Allah honor and bless you all abundantly. Amen. I wish everybody journey mercies back home and Happy Christmas in advance. Thank you all”.

This was followed by group photographs of the celebrant with the cutting of the event cake.

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