I bring greetings to cooperators in Ogun State, Nigeria today 4th July, 2020 being the 1st Saturday in the month of July, the day allocated by the United Nation (UN) and International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) in recognition of the Contribution of Cooperative Movement to all sphere of lives.

The United Nations International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of July to increase awareness on complementary goals, objectives and contributions of the United Nation and the International Cooperative Movement.

The theme for this year’s celebration is Coops4ClimateAction. The theme was chosen to support Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 13) on climate action.

By the general resolution of the Ogun State Cooperative Movement this year is free from the elaborate celebration of the day in Ogun State as it is the practice of our movement to celebrate it biennially in Ogun State, that does not however stops the observation of the day worldwide, it is therefore imperative on me to send my greetings to all.

The Technological development and discoveries of many natural resources which brought about comfort to life also came with it, some hazard that affects the ecology and environmental degradation which have serious effect on world climate.

This situation has led to various natural disasters which many has been handling with levity. This situation was noticed by the United Nations few years back and therefore included it as the 13th of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S). it is also believed that the Cooperative Movement is capable of contributing to climate change which led to the international Cooperative Alliance choosing Coops4ClimateAction as the theme for this year’s celebration and as such called on Cooperative Worldwide to use their cooperatives to contribute towards the achievement of a better and safer climate.

With the ways things are going if care is not taken, the environmental pollution will lead to unprecedented negative effects on the livelihood of the future generation as a result of climate change. As the situation has the potential to take away everything we take for granted? Cities and homes are being taken over by flood with its attendant destructions, waters may get polluted, farm produce may not grow well, oxygen will be limited as a result of deforestation and economy will be adversely impacted and most importantly, future inhabitants of the earth will have harder and shorter lives if immediate actions are not taken against climate change.

The COVID -19. Pandemic has proven to us that those who have less are the ones who suffer the most according to ICA Director General Bruno Roelants; “climate change continues to affect the most vulnerable population on our planet and we must continue to take action to change this. Cooperative as a global reality have a fundamental role to play in this endeavor. This year for the International Day of Cooperatives we seek to highlight the importance of taking action against climate change and to encourage others to also make a difference no matter how small”

Also as the ILO Director General Guy Rider, opined that “one of the things this pandemic has done is to remind us just how closely the world of work is connected to climate change and therefore the central role it must play in combating it “its precisely because the cooperative model aligns short term actions with long-term vision that it can give us precious insight into how to confront global crises be it pandemic or climate change “he further stressed.

In view of all these and as part of the actions we must all take to combat the causes of climate change.  The Federation (OGSCOFED) in collaboration with the Cooperative Department of our Ministry, will put in place modality to strengthen the Agricultural Cooperative in our State and encourage them to put more emphasis on the planting and growing of tree related crops like Cocoa, Kola nuts, Cashew, Rubber, Cotton etc, which apart from earning our Country foreign income will also reduce the effect of climate change in our Country.  Apart from the above action the following will also be some of the advice to combat the causes of climate change.

1.         To charge and encourage our Agricultural based Cooperative to now come together more than ever before and make their Cooperative more stronger to meet the present environmental demand by ensuring adequate planting of trees and flowers in their farms

2.         To avoid the act of deforestation

3.         Our housing Cooperatives to also ensure that trees and flowers are planted in their Estates at both the front of the houses and all roads leading to each building, while each building should be decorated with trees and flowers to produce Oxygen for human consumption

4.         The members of our movement should avoid dumping of refuse in the water drainage or causing any action that could block the drainage

5.         The Government should in addition to constructing and maintaining proper drainages on all our roads, also improve on the tree planting habit by ensuring that all our roads are decorated with trees and flowers at both sides. All these will reduce the hazard of pollution and climate change.

Efforts toward a better climate cannot be achieved unless we take constructive actions to work together as it is the norms in Cooperative in order to achieve the desired result.

Therefore as we work together to improve our lives and flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections in our mist, lets also work together for a better environment.

I wish us all a happy International day of Cooperatives Celebration.

Thanks you and God bless.



4TH JULY, 2020

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