Message From the desk of the Ogun State Chairman of Institute of Cooperative Professionals of Nigeria.

I heartily welcome you to another epic day of Cooperative awareness especially in this period of pandemic. What a perfect topic at a time when we need safer environments more than ever?

The history made us to realize that Agrarian Cooperatives was the framework of modern cooperatives of Thrift and Investments of today. Whatever had been achieved in the past was made possible by Agricultural Cooperatives then. But suddenly, ogede wo koko dagba tan, lo ba di igi gigi.

Agricultural Cooperatives has lost her seat at the apex of Cooperative Movement in the state. To the Cooperative Movement in our dear state, I ask where is the league of farmers or better still the seat of apex of cooperative farmers in the state among us?

Basically, the message of climatic change can be solved more than any other means through Agricultural practices. What happened to the labours of our heroes past?

Cooperative farmers need to be revived and restore that glory of Cooperative farmers. The achievements of the past can be revived only by political will of the stakeholders.

Yes many cooperative farmers today are not sincere… that is for them.
The political terrain of the many fragmented farmers (AFFAN, CFFAN, FADAMA, NACO etc) groups are not willing to collaborate. for some others
We as a movement that has benefited from their goodwill in the past are not willing to resuscitate them even though many shares dividends warrants are littering our offices that is for us.

For us to have woken up to the call of the President of the ICA, Ariel Guarco to contribute our quota to the 13th Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations for the future, we need to get back to the base.
How to start?

Let us promote Agricultural Cooperatives, nurse them before asking for subscription fees, Invest in economic tree planting like cacao, Coffee, Cashew etc

Ensure the seat of the league of farmers is not vacant any longer at our meetings. This will be a ground to demand assistance on their behalf from the government and international organizations on support for machineries, improved seeds and lands for agricultural purpose. The world has shifted from subsistence to commercial farming, what are we doing as branches of cooperatives to support agriculture and thereby enhancing better climatic change.

This message would have made impact if the thinking tanks of the stakeholders take many or some of these observations and proffer solutions to them.

Long live Cooperative!
Long live Ogun State!!
Long live Nigeria!!!

Coop! Coop!! Coop!!! Cooperatives,
Where? Here, There and Everywhere.

Aseyi samodun.

Adebiyi S. A. amcp

Chairman, Ogun State ICOPRON

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