Maiden edition of End of the year party for Cooperative Stakeholders

On Thursday, 17th of December, 2020 Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited (OCC) organized a maiden edition of end of the year party for Cooperative Stakeholders in Ogun State held at Oba K. O. Olubiyi Hall, Chief ‘Tayo Sobanjo Building, Cooperative House, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

OPENING PRAYER: The party commenced with an opening prayer said by Prophet Taiwo at around 12:20pm.

Ag. Executive Secretary, OGSCOFED Limited, Mr. David I. Ayelabola

INTRODUCTION OF DIGNITARIES: The HOD Audit of OGSCOFED Limited, Mr. D. I. Ayelabola introduced the dignitaries as follows:

Elder Felix Bamidele Ajibode – President, Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited

Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD – President, OGSCOFED Limited

Chief C. A. Ogunkoya – Director, Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited

Mr. Samuel Mustapha – Director of Cooperative Services, Ogun State

Mrs. B. A. Ogundeyi – President, OCC Women in Cooperative

Mr. M. O. Olurin – Former Director of Cooperative Services in Ogun State

Mr. S. A. Adeniji – Former Director of Cooperative Services in Ogun State

And other dignitaries from Director of Cooperative Services office, OGSCOFED Limited Board of Directors and Staff, Leaders from all part of Ogun State, Ogun State Administrative Managers and Women’s representatives.

After the introduction, the Cooperative Anthem was rendered.

President, Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited, Elder Felix Bamidele Ajibode

OPENING REMARKS: The Chairman of the occasion, Elder Felix Bamidele Ajibode in his speech said he was highly delighted to welcome guests to the maiden edition of the end of the year party, sponsored by the Board and Management of Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited. He appreciated God for saving our lives from the snares of COVID-19 pandemic and END SARS protest. He added that the party was organized to emphasize the needs for Cooperative Stakeholders to work together in peace and unity and promote peace and friendly relationship among all types of Cooperatives as this will enable us galvanize the movement to its rightful position. Finally, he enjoined all of us to preach peace and unity in all our activities and operations.


REPRESENTATIVE FROM IJEBU ZONE: Mr. F. M. Ogunsanya appreciated the effort of the OGSCOFED Limited President and commended the Director of Cooperative Services for settling the disputes between the leaders and the regulators, he added that Cooperators should bear it in mind that unnecessary rift should not be allowed and we must be positive in our thinking at all time. He highlighted the theme of the party as LOVE, PEACE AND UNITY. He wishes everyone Happy Christmas and New Year in Advance.

L-R: President Ogun State CFA Limited, Mr. Sahula. Kehinde; Hon. Olamijulo Owoseje, President Remo Branch II of OGSCOFED Ltd and Evang. Philip Babatunde, Branch President, Abeokuta Branch II of OGSCOFED Limited

REPRESENTATIVE FROM YEWA BRANCH: Chief T. A Salaudeen, said he was happy for being part of this peace meeting, despite the rift and agitation, at last the peace reign from Ogun State as this is the great achievement of the present Board of Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited. He sighted the example of Mr. Adeniji the former Director of Cooperative Services as the adviser to Odua President. He added that fear of God should be our watchword. He then prayed that the success recorded during Elder Ajibode’s tenure as President of Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited will not be in vain, Amen.

REPRESENTATIVE FROM REMO ZONE: Chief (Mrs). Modupeola Osoare on behalf of the Zone, urged the Odua President, Elder F. B. Ajibode to be patient and continue to adhere to the advice from the leaders, she pleaded on behalf of the Women’s League of Ogun State to allow peace to reign and work as one.

L – R: Alhaji Wasiu Olaleye and Elder Yinka Soyinka

REPRESENTATIVE FROM EGBA ZONE: The representative from Egba Zone in person of Elder Yinka Soyinka, the Agba Akin of OGSCOFED Limited prayed that we will live long to enjoy the fruit of our labour. He sighted an example of King Solomon in the Holy Bible that asked for wisdom, knowledge and understanding to rule his people. He added that Elder F. B. Ajibode should do same as King Solomon. He concluded that if we can love, is going to come back to us in another way because love is the most extra ordinary force that governs the universe.

REPRESENTATIVE FROM OGSCOFED STAFF: Mrs. Fatima O. Haruna, Ag. HOD Planning and Statistics of OGSCOFED Limited, gave a big kudos to the present Board of Directors of OGSCOFED Limited, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, Cooperative Department and Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited. She thanked God for the good relationship that is resurfacing between them now and pleaded for unity.

REPRESENTATIVE FROM COOPERATIVE DEPARTMENT: Mr. Fattah Braheem representing the Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, Cooperative Department started with an adage that says “ikan parapo, o mo le…” love and unity is the message of today’s get together. He said we should show love unconditionally to people we are in contact with every day and show love without expecting anything in return. He added that recovery of all our assets as promised by Odua Co-operative Conglomerate Limited President is one of most important task ahead of us, and we must be ready to support Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited. Both OGSCOFED Limited and Cooperative Department should understand each other and work for the betterment of Cooperative. He laid emphasis on bringing up of the young ones and train them.

OGSCOFED BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The representative from the Board of Directors of Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) which Evang. Philip Babatunde represented, in his speech said today’s meeting has served as history and implored them not to relent their good work. He also pleaded on behalf of the Board of Directors of OGSCOFED Limited that our rights which are yet to be received from Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited to Ogun State Cooperative Movement be looked into and given.

REPRESENTATIVE FROM OGUN STATE COOPERATIVE MANAGERS FORUM: Mr. Oluyiga Gbodi thanked the Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited President as he was not surprised with these achievements from Elder F. B. Ajibode, because he knows him as peace maker’s right from his school days as lecturer at Ogun State Cooperative College, Ijeja. He pleaded for the stopping of bad mouthing and back biting and that, we should always pour out our mind out freely. He said the Director of Cooperative Services, OGSCOFED Limited and Managers should work together as partner in progress and added that if leaders can follow manager’s advice, it will be useful for them.

Cross section

REPRESENTATIVE FROM OCC WOMEN IN COOPERATIVE PRESIDENT: Mrs. B. A. Ogundeyi, the Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Ltd, Women in Cooperative President, in his address said it is the wish of God for Elder F.B. Ajibode to become the Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited President and threw more light on the good things that are happening now at Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited, when compare with the past Board. This is happening because we are unique in Ogun State. She further said that when there is no peace, there will be no progress. She pleaded for love and unity as they still recognize the OGSCOFED Limited President as their Patron. She later advertised their product to the house.

SPEECH FROM ELDER E. T. ELEGBEDE: He apologized for coming late and thanked God as a former Vice President of Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited, but he pleaded for full support from the Cooperative Movement in Ogun State by buying more Shares in Conglomerate and cooperate with other States.

President OGSCOFED Limited, Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD,

OGSCOFED LIMITED PRESIDENT SPEECH: The Cooperative Federation of Nigeria (CFN) South West Coordinator and President, Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD, congratulated Mr. Felix Ajibode because his election into the post was through the divine intervention from God. He added that sitting together, winning and dinning is like a dream to him. He added that we had been denied of our post in the past, but he thanked God that at the end, we sing a victory song. He appreciated Elder F. B. Ajibode for settling dispute between the leaders and the regulators. He later thanked Elder Ajibode for his style of good governance. He recognized the Cooperative leaders for being there when there was conflict.

Mr. Samuel Mustapha, Director of Cooperative Services, Ogun State

DIRECTOR OF COOPERATIVE SERVICES: Mr. S. O. Mustapha said he has been preaching for peace, as when there is no trust, there will be no peace. He pinpointed the Nigeria situation now that leads to transition. He said he did not belief that there is agitation between the Director of Cooperative Services and the Cooperative Movement, it is just that issues must not be personalized. He said, all what he is doing is for the progress of the Movement, and that we should not tampered with the law, but stay within it limit. The Director of Cooperative Services, Mr. Samuel Mustapha remarked that he is a very humble man and that we should respect authority and avoid fighting beyond reconciliation, because we may not gain what we loose before reconciliation.

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Ag. Executive Secretary OGSCOFED Limited showcasing Odua Yam and Plantain flour

VOTE OF THANKS: On behalf of Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited, Chief C. A. Ogunkoya appreciated the presence of the Director of Cooperative Services, OGSCOFED Limited, Leaders and Past Directors of Cooperative Services and entire members at the program. He thanked the initiators and the Chairman Organizing Committee, Elder Felix Ajibode. He prayed for safe journey back to our various destinations.

Response: The President, Odua Cooperative Conglomerate Limited (OCC) Elder Felix Ajibode promised to pay all arrears due to Ogun State, but laid emphasizes on the need to be patient, because he is working hard towards recording huge amount of surplus this year.

CLOSING PRAYER: Mrs. Sotikare from Remo Branch II said the closing prayer at exactly 2:40pm.

The guests on the high table along with delegates took to the floor, danced, while menu menu were served.

Mrs. I. M. Ajeigbe, Reporter

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