During the COVID-19 pandemic it’s important to stay home and safe. But it’s also important to stay connected with your #cooperative community. OGSCOFED President, Alhaji (Dr.) Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun offers a message of hope and solidarity from his home.

Fellow Co-operators.

As we begin the lockdown as directed by the Federal and our State Governments which compelled everyone to stay at home for the next two weeks as a measure to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Ogun State Co-operative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED), I considered it an obligation to send to you all, “my Amiable Board Members and the entire members of Ogun State Co-operative Movement” this Solidarity Greetings and to implore you to adhere strictly to the instructions and directives of the Government by ensuring:

  1. Strict maintenance of simple personal hygiene
  2. Washing of hands regularly with soap and water
  3. Sanitize our hands if we can afford a sanitizer
  4. Keep appreciable distance from each other and especially strangers
  5. Stay indoor, but if it is extremely important that you need to out, do not go too far from home and ensure you wear face mask during such outing
  6. Be security conscious both at home and outside as the present situation may likely increase the crime tendency especially with hoodlums.
    I want to assume that we have all prepared by making minimum affordable arrangements that will sustain us for the period as we are not expecting any help or assistance from any quarter.
    “OLOHUN O NI F’EBI PA WA O ” Amin. I pray to Almighty Allah to keep us safe during and after the period. Amen. I pray to Almighty Allah to keep us safe during and after the period. Amen

Meanwhile, in consideration of the good framework of the Co-operative Movement that is spanned through the national level to the grassroots and the established structure of the Movement to easily get to the masses, the headships of the Co-operative Federation of Nigeria is making up is making advise to the Federal Government to use Co-operative platform to distribute her Coronavirus (Covid-19) palliatives. I hope our State Government can also use the platform as well.

I am absolutely convinced that we will get out of this health and economic crisis In Shaa Allah, but we will do it with the Solidarity of each of us.
By the spacial grace of GOD, we shall not loose any of us, we shall all come back to our normal life again.


Long live Cooperative Movement of State !
Long live Cooperative Movement of Nigeria !!
Long live Ogun State of Nigeria !!!
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Alhaji (Dr.) Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD

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