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Rebuild Better Together: 2021 International Day of Cooperatives announced

Next 3 July, the International Day of Cooperatives (#CoopsDay) will be celebrated as “Rebuild better together”. Cooperatives around the world will showcase how they are meeting the COVID-19 pandemic crisis with solidarity and resilience and offering communities a people-centred and environmentally just recovery.

“In the last year, we have witnessed how the cooperative model has been working towards the well-being of people and respect for the planet, underscoring what the cooperative movement stands for. We will indeed rebuild better together, and I’m confident that we will see many stories of how the cooperative movement can help communities become stronger in the post-pandemic world”, declared Bruno Roelants, Director General of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).
In the fields of health, agriculture, production, retail, finance, housing, employment, education, social services and many other spheres where cooperatives are found, the more than one billion cooperative members worldwide continue to prove that no one needs to face a crisis like the pandemic on their own. #CoopsDay will be the occasion to spread the word about how a human-centred business model, sustained by the cooperative values of self-help and solidarity and the ethical values of social responsibility and concern for community, can reduce inequality, create shared prosperity and respond to the immediate impacts of COVID-19.

The ICA calls on cooperators and partners around the world to get ready to celebrate #CoopsDay on 3 July and to show the world how we can Rebuild better together.

The 2021 #Coopsday actions’ pack including the logo, key messages and other digital resources will be available soon.

About the International Day of Cooperatives

Marked by cooperatives worldwide since 1923 and officially proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on the centenary of the ICA in 1995, the International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of July.

The aim of #CoopsDay is to increase awareness of cooperatives and promote the movement’s ideas of international solidarity, economic efficiency, equality, and world peace. Since 1995, the ICA and the United Nations through Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC) have jointly set the theme for the celebration of #CoopsDay.

This year’s celebration will be the 27th International Day of Cooperatives recognized by the United Nations and the 99th International Cooperative Day.

Through #CoopsDay, local, national and global policymakers, civil-society organisations and the public in general can learn about the contribution of cooperatives to a just future for all.

How to celebrate #CoopsDay?

Cooperatives around the world celebrate #CoopsDay in many different ways. Below are examples of some of the activities organised by cooperatives around the world:

  • The messages of the ICA and United Nations are translated into local languages and widely disseminated to cooperators, media, government officials at all level.
  • Use newspapers and radio programmes to create awareness! Issue a press release on the occasion of the International Day of Cooperatives. 
  • Cooperative Fairs, exhibits, contests, and campaigns are held.
  • Meetings with government officials, United Nations agencies and other partner organisations are held.
  • Cooperatives partner with community agencies to champion economic, environmental, social and health challenges (blood drives, tree planting, etc.)
  • Share your story with us! 

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OGSCOFED Ltd Holds 2021 Administrative Managers/Account Officers Retreat in Abeokuta.

Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) on Tuesday, 24th March, 2021 held a day Annual Retreat for Cooperative Administrative Managers/Account Officers in Ogun State at ‘Tayo Sobanjo Building, Cooperative House, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State to review her activities over digital transformation in Cooperative activities.

Opening Prayer: The commencing opening prayer was said by Pastor Babalola Solomon, Administrative Manager for Iranlowo Oluwa Leme (Abeokuta) CMU Limited.

Introduction: The introduction of dignitaries on the high table and the lecturers was done by the Acting Executive Secretary of OGSCOFED Limited, Mr. David I. Ayelabola viz:

  1. Pastor Samuel O. Mustapha – Director of Cooperative Services in Ogun State.
  2. Mr. Akeem A. Ogunjimi – Deputy Director of Cooperative Services in Ogun State
  3. Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD – President, OGSCOFED Limited
  4. Mr. M. T. Idowu – Vice President OGSCOFED Limited
  5. Evang. Philip Babatunde – Chairman, Education and Seminar Committee
  6. Elder Kayode Salako – Member, Education and Seminar Committee
  7. Mrs. C. A. Agunbiade  – Member, Education and Seminar Committee
  8. Mrs. A. A. Adebiyi  – Member, Education and Seminar Committee
  9. Mrs. K. A. Adesina – Member, Education and Seminar Committee
  10. Mr. Adesoji Adenowo – Adesoji Adenowo & Co. in Association with First-lincoin Technology
  11. Mr. Ogundana Oseni, Nurudeen Adenekan and Damilare Bamigbola from Interakt Company
  12. Mr. Omotola Oyelude from PTAS Solutions International Limited
  13. Mr. Akinsola Golden – Branch Manager, Cooperative Mortgage Bank

Chairman opening remarks: In his opening remarks, the Chairman, Education and Seminar Committee, Evang. Philip Babatunde welcomed all participants to the retreat and asked them to pay attention and be ready to adopt and embrace this new system of doing things and not to stick to the old ways. In the same vein, Mr. M. T. Idowu, Vice President OGSCOFED Limited welcomed all participants asking them to be an agent of change.

The OGSCOFED Limited President, Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD in his address said “It is with great pleasure and fulfilment of a long aspiration and desire that I present to you our Managers, the sector of the Movement which we considered germane in the operation of our Cooperatives and the engine that drives our vision and mission to fulfilment. There is a Yoruba adage that says ‘Baye ba n yi, e ma b’aiye yi, b’igba ba n yi, e ma ba ‘gba yi, eniyan ti ko ba gba yi, oluwa re a ba ‘gba lo” (That is, we should change with the time to remain relevant in life).

In the cause of our leadership roles in Cooperative, we have been opportuned to see how the operation of the Movement is changing from analog to digitalization in the advance countries of the world and even in our neighbourhood in Nigeria. It is therefore pertinent that we also join the trend hence our desire to digitalize our operations in Ogun State as part of our desire to:

(1). To improve the effectiveness and productivity of all aspect of our Cooperative activities.

(2). To make our Cooperative Movement activities and operations more transparent and accountable.

(3). To provide a real-time on-line system that allows for faster access and production of report as when due.

(4). To replace traditional bureaucratic processing with processing equipped with timely and up to date information for decision making which will help reduce redundancy and save cost.

(5). To create knowledge-based and simple moral accountable responsive and transparent operations.

To make all the above work, it is therefore imperative that the idea should first and foremost be presented to you, who will be at the helms of affairs in the operation of this desire. It will then be followed by involving the stakeholders in the implementation, after you have chosen those that would be adopted from the four presentation that will be delivered to you”.

Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD added that “the launching of whichever we adopted from all the presentations will only take place after you have attended proper training on the operations which will be the next stage after today’s presentation. So, I will like to charge everyone of you to pay full attention to the presentation and be prepared to change our acade system to the present day system”.

The OGSCOFED Limited President, Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD thereafter wished all participants happy, fruitful and assimilated presentation.

The Director of Cooperative Services in Ogun State, Mr. Samuel Mustapha in his address said “the roles of Cooperative Administrative Managers cannot be over-emphasized, it is also necessary to cooperate with the officer of the Director of Cooperative Services in Ogun State as a regulatory body”. He said “Managers must ensure that the comments of Zonal Officer in charge of your area from OGSCOFED Ltd/Director of Cooperative Services Office must be on your Annual Account and Audited/Inspected before presenting it to the Committee Members and the General Members”.

Mr. Mustapha then advised all Cooperative Administrative Managers to ensure that in all account preparation depreciation of asset should be considered and 5% of provision for Bad Debt reserve should also be provided.

Before he declared the retreat open, he used the medium to announce to all participants that the admission form for Ogun State Cooperative College, Ijeja, Abeokuta, Ogun State is now on and it will get to a stage that for any Administrative Manager to work in a Cooperative organization, he or she must attend a Cooperative College and he advised those who didn’t have Cooperative certificate to obtain there form soon. After this, he then declared the seminar open.

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L-R: Mr. Adesoji Adenowo, Mrs. C. F. Agunbiade (Member, Education & Seminar Committee), Evang. Philip Babatunde (Chairman, Education & Seminar Committee), Mr. Samuel O. Mustapha (Director of Cooperative Services in Ogun State), Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD (President, OGSCOFED Limited), Mr. Akeem Ayodeji Ogunjimi (Deputy Director of Cooperative Services in Ogun State), Mrs. K. A. Adesina (Member, Education & Seminar Committee), Mr. M. T. Idowu (Vice President, OGSCOFED Limited), Mr. David I. Ayelabola (Ag. Executive Secretary, OGSCOFED Limited).

After the declaration of the seminar open, a group photograph was taken.

Thereafter, Mr. David. Ayelabola, the Acting Executive Secretary of OGSCOFED Limited then called upon all the lecturers to start their presentations:

The proceedings of the Retreat were:

Mr. Adesoji Adenowo

First Lecturer

Mr. Adesoji Adenowo & Co. for Cooperative Management Consultants in Association with Firstlincoin Technology:

From his presentation, he averred that the operation of the Cooperative would free from hand recording so that at the end of the day and because the recorded operation would be uploaded into the cloud for the cloud is just like central processing unit of a computer which would not show evidence of the transactions. Also, the operation would only be relevant to parastatals. However, the package or operation do not detailed the practical operation of Cooperative Societies either Salary Earners or Orthodox Societies.

After he finished his presentation, questions were asked by the participants and adequate answers were given accordingly.

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Second Lecturer

Mr. Ogundana Oseni, Nurudeen Adenekan and Damilare Bamigbola from Interakt company.

The application presented is for business transaction of buying and selling. He discussed mainly on Mobile Application. Having given the demonstration, it just detailed about loan taking, without mentioning Shares, Savings, Trial Balance, Cash Book and how it will operates or be annexed to other perquisite books, therefore the demonstration was not detailed enough.

Click below to download there PowerPoint Presentation

After their presentation, questions were asked by the participants and adequate answers were given.

Branch Manager, Cooperative Mortgage Bank, Mr. Akinsola Golden

A short address was said by the Branch Manager, Cooperative Mortgage Bank, Mr. Akinsola Golden shared more light about the Bank, their vision and mission and what they do at Cooperative Mortgage Bank.

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Third Lecturer:

Mr. Omotola Oyelude from PTAS Solutions International Limited

Mr. Omotola Oyelude from PTAS Solutions International Limited

He presented the discussion by demonstrating a software package and it effects on the operation of Cooperatives, he added that the package would solve any problem that may emanate in Cooperative. He concluded that the package need to be practicalized and demonstrated and for unity purpose, a template of how the software works would be made available, considering the book of accounts, such as: Cash book, Income Statement, General Ledger, Trial Balance etc.

He then divided the house into Five (5) Groups, asking each Group to specify a detail analysis of a cooperative Business operation on which the package would be built. This shows a commitment to produce a good package which other lecturers do not mention.

After his first session presentation, questions were asked by the participants and adequate answers were given.

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At this point, the lecturer, Mr. Oyelude gave the participants a work order and for each group to appoint a presenter among themselves and for them to present.

The following were points raised by the various Group in other to make the Software workable:


  1. Data Collection
  2. Posting of Monthly Analyst Book (MAB) in case there is a large number. Digitalization can help us in this area.
  3. Extraction of final account also can be addressed with the Digitalization.


  1. Evaluations of workers
  2. How to properly renumerated the staff.


  1. Communication
  2. Payment clarification


  1. Large mass
  2. Communication effectiveness
  3. Account preparation – time, cost and energy shall be reduced


  1. Personal Ledger and Members Pass books issue
  2. Interest overcharging

After the presentations, Group Four was announced as the best presentations and a dummy cheque was presented to the Group Leader, Mrs. Balogun, likewise other groups also collected there dummy cheque for prize winning.

Mrs. Balogun receiving her Group dummy cheque

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Communique: The Communique Chairman, Mr. Olatunde Kayode from Federal Polytechnic (Ilaro) CICS Limited read the communique presentation where he said “having listened to all lecturers, the first lecturer and second lecturers does not meet the targeted retreat objectives.

Communique Chairman, Mr. Olatunde Kayode from Federal Polytechnic (Ilaro) CICS Limited

The third lecturer from PTAS Solutions international Limited is a bit better if he can bring the template for demonstration and solve the problems of accounting records for easy operations. Therefore,

  • The Communique Committee recommend that OGSCOFED should give PTAS accounting activities of Cooperative Society for demonstration and the workability of the package/software.
  • The package must also be acceptable by the Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives Officials so that there would be no vacuum during auditing exercise.
  • Retreat of this nature needs to be well organized in terms of adequate communication and materials devices. Thank God the weather is favourable today else the cooling facilities could have been disastrous”.

He added that “this Retreat will enhance dissemination of information to members, through digitalization, therefore, it is commendable. Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) should assist Cooperative stakeholders (Leaders) to ensure the use of digitalization in disseminating information to members, while Managers should be ready to adopt and embrace this new trend/system of doing things and not stick to the old ways”.

Mr. Obaro from Industrial Workers Ota CMU Limited

Vote of thanks: The Vote of thanks was presented by Mr. Obaro from Industrial Workers Ota CMU Limited where he thanked the Ogun state Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) and Education and Seminar committee for planning to embark on the Digitalization of Cooperative activities and he later called on the attention of the organizers that OGSCOMAS President should be well recognized and in the event like this, a short address should also be read by OGSCOMAS President. He then wished all participants a safe journey back to their various destinations.

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OGSCOFED Limited: Sendforth party in honour of Mrs. J. Olawanle Bisiriyu

The sendforth party was held on Thursday, 10th of December, 2020 at the Cooperative House, OGSCOFED Limited Building, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria to celebrate and honour the retired Executive Secretary of OGSCOFED Limited, Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu.

The event was spectacle, colourful and entertaining from start to end. The event had as its MC Popular comedian and radio personality Mr. Olawale Ampitan, popularly known as “MC Governor Alawada” who kept the event alive, cracking jokes and having everyone to laugh out loud and smile.

Alhaji Yissau Titilola

The Opening prayer was said by Alhaji Yissau Titilola, President, Remo Branch I of OGSCOFED Limited in a Muslim way.

In attendance were dignitaries from various Cooperative climes and also some personalities who were invited to the high table:

They include:

The President, Cooperative Federation of Nigeria (CFN) and the Former President of Lagos State Cooperative Federation Limited (LASCOFED), High Chief Oriyomi Ayeola,

The OGSCOFED Limited President, Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD,

The Chairman Sendforth Planning Committee, Mr. Michael Tunde Idowu,

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, Ogun State, Ms. Seye Fatudimu

The Deputy Director, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, Ogun State, Mr. Akeem Ayodeji Ogunjimi,

The Royal Father of the day, HRH Oba Lawrence Olawale Adisa Odeyinka, the first Olu of Siun,

The Mother of the day, Chief (Mrs.) Fafunso Mopelola, Arowosegbe of OGSCOFED Limited,

The Past President of OGSCOFED Limited, Pa. Tayo Sobanjo B.Ed (Wales) mnim,

Delegate from Egba Cooperative Leaders, Elder E. T. Elegbede

The Executive Secretary, Federation of Osun State Cooperative Limited (FOSCOOP), Alhaji Wasiu Tiamiyu,

The Executive Secretary, Oyo State Cooperative Federation Limited (OYSCOFED), Mr. Agboluade

The Chairman, Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation, Honourable Yahyah Olodeoku,

The President Tijaniyat Organization, Alhaji Sheikh Salisu Adenekan

The Founder and President, Nurain-deen Islamiyat Organization of Nigeria, Alhaji Sheikh Ibrahim Olaseni Akanbi Eniyo

The Former President, Ogun State Cooperative Motor Owners and Transporter Limited, Revd. M. B. Onasanya,

Mr. M. T. Idowu

The Opening address was given by the Chairman, Sendforth Committee, Mr. M. T. Idowu, where he thank the Almighty for making the day’s ceremony possible with remark that “we are all gathered here today to celebrate a Cooperative icon in person of Mrs. Jemilat Olawanle Bisiriyu, the retiring Executive Secretary, Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED). She is describe to be a lady who has been able to successfully combined academic, hard work and natural beauty together to make a name and a figure in life.

To buttress my point, let me try to analyze for you, some of the qualities this woman has, that make her become what she is today; adaptability and humility that help her to be able to manage Five (5) different OGSCOFED Limited Presidents together with their Board Members successfully during the course of her 35years in the administration of this Federation.

Now that the Executive Secretary is retiring though not at all tired, I am very much convinced in my mind that she would still continue to be relevant in Cooperative arena and Ogun State Cooperative organization so as to benefit from her numerous wealth of experience in cooperative system for long. Finally, He said “on behalf of the Sendforth Committee, the Ogun State Cooperative Movement wish her amiable Executive Secretary, the one and only “Bẹẹrẹ Alajẹsẹku, Àlàfọwọsówọpọ in Ogun State”, happy retirement”.

Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD

The President OGSCOFED Limited and CFN South West Coordinator, Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD was also in his address said “I considered myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with the celebrant for seven (7) good and progressive years, the period we both work tirelessly in the repositioning of our Federation, Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) to become the “Best Among Equals” in the Comity of Cooperative Movement in Nigeria. During these years, I found the celebrant to be divinely blessed with good virtues and unique attributes of a well-mannered, perseverance, highly committed with passion for the progress of Cooperative Movement, very intelligent with highly retentive memories on Cooperative history of the Movement in Southwest of Nigeria, a thoroughly honest person, loyal, trustworthy, dependable and straightforward.

These attributes are some of the reasons why she was able to remain in the services of Ogun State Cooperative Federation for as long as Thirty-five (35) years in an Organization like ours where unverified information rumour mongering and insinuations are the order of the day amongst members and those who supposed to enforce statutes.

For her to have remained in the OGSCOFED services for that long years which is about 59.32% of her life so far and without allowing her reputation and integrity to be negatively impacted should be commended”.

Finally, he congratulated and wished her a blissful retirement.

L – R: Mr. D. I. Ayelabola and Mrs. J. Ola Bisiryu

A farewell speech was presented by Mr. David Igbekele Ayelabola, Head of Audit Department, OGSCOFED Limited on behalf of OGSCOFED Staff at the occasion, where he said “how can one eulogize a boss, a sister and/or a mother to her subordinates without being found guilty of bias? That is the task this speech of mine will want to do as I try to balance issues raised. Having served 35 years with the Ogun State Cooperative Movement, right from the bottom to the highest position of the ladder, one needs to say that our retiring but not tired Executive Secretary, Bẹẹrẹ Jẹmilat Olawanle Bisiriyu (Nee Sobowale) had distinguished herself as a Cooperative Administrative Guru, a Cooperative Phenomenal Speaker for which a past Ogun State Cooperative Federation Ltd President described as “The Google of Ogun Cooperative Movement” who like the internet Google, Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu will give a current answer to any question asked about the Ogun Cooperative Movement. In one statement, Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu is the Encyclopedia of the Ogun Cooperative Movement”.

He said “having freeing herself from the daily antagonizes of Ogun Cooperators and from the agitations of the Departmental societies on the platform of No Position, No A.S.F, OGSCOFED Staff will be lamenting of who will talk to the OGSCOFED Board on matters pertaining to the upward enhancement of workers welfare as Ministry Cooperative Personnels will find relief on the person that always step on their toes. All these dynamics stated above showcased how successful Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu managed these human issues”.

“Economics, they say show no emotion as Economics is about Deal making, which public administration don’t like. But, Cooperative Economics is about People Deal making balanced with emotion. With an environment where Cooperative leaders talk only about Economics and Deal making, who will balance that Cooperative Principles of people and emotion which Cooperative leaders don’t want to imbibe?
Here lies the vacuum Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu retirement create, and which Ogun Cooperative Leaders must learn to imbibe by swallowing the realities as I ask the Ministry of Community Development and Cooperative officials to take note. Bẹẹrẹ, you have created a huge vaccum”.

“It was Professor Jerry Gana, a former Minister for Information in his days that says “if you are a Messenger, message well. If you are a Cleaner, clean well. If you are a Teacher, teach well. Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu, when she was an Auditor she audited well, when as an Administrator, she administered well. Also, as a Speaker, she spoke well. The above description is the true nature of our celebrant. So for us as Cooperators, we should continue to cooperate with those of us she is leaving behind.

As we have arrived at the time to say Goodbye, I can assure you Ma, that when a comprehensive history of Ogun State Cooperative Movement would be written, your 35 dedicated years of service will be described to be Ogun State Cooperative Movement Finest Hour because like Ancient Roman Empire Julius Ceaser, “Venis – You come, Vidis – You Saw, Vinci – You Won”

He thereafter wish to reiterate once again, that our woman of the moment, Bẹẹrẹ Olawanle Bisiriyu is leaving us today for good, and he want to join all cooperators in the State to pray and decree into her life that Our Heavenly Father will beautify your life and that of your family. So he therefore asked everybody seated to stand up with humility and say 7 GBOSA to our retiring Mama for the job well done while in the service of the Federation. He further said that “within your time here, you have done many things that endeared the management”.

Finally, he wish the celebrant a Happy and blissful Retirement life, with the quote “Oga wa, we will continue to remember you”.

L-R: Alhaji Wasiu Tiamiyu, Executive Secretary FOSCOOP; The Celebrant, Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu and Mr. Agboluade, the Executive Secretary OYSCOFED Limited

The Executive Secretaries, South West States congratulate the celebrant and I quote “it is with great in our heart that we celebrate our dear colleague and sister, Mrs. J. Olawanle Bisiriyu as she is retiring today as the Executive Secretary of OGSCOFED Limited. Your brilliance and diligent disposition to Cooperative duties has contributed greatly to the enviable position of the Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited among its peers in Nigeria. We are proud to say you have paid your dues, now is the time for you to start receiving your dividends. Wishing you a blissful retirement”

L – R: Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu and HRH Oba Lawrence Odeyinka, the first Olu of Siun

A short address was given by the Royal Father of the day, HRH Oba Lawrence Olawale Odeyinka, the first Olu of Siun at the occasion.

High Chief Oriyomi Ayeola

A Goodwill Message from the CFN President, High Chief Oriyomi Ayeola which was read to all.

The Deputy Director of Cooperative Services, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, Cooperative Department, Mr. Akeem Ayodeji Ogunjimi (aka paracetamol) gave the Director of Cooperative Services address at the occasion where he elegized the celebrant for all she has done to move Co-operative Movement forward.

L – R: Evang. Philip Babtunde (Abeokuta Branch II President), Mr. Ayodeji Ogunjimi (Deputy Director of Cooperative Services), Ms. Seye Fatudimu (Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives), Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu (the retiree), Alhaji (Dr). A. Ola Balogun (President OGSCOFED Limited) and Alhaji Yissau Titilola (President, Remo Branch I of OGSCOFED Limited)

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, Ms. Seye Fatudimu gave a short address at the occasion as she wish the celebrant a happy retirement bliss.

The awaiting book all have been looking for was launched by the CFN South West Coordinator and President OGSCOFED Limited, Alhaji (Dr). Abdulrazaaq Ola Balogun FHNR, CBD. Thereafter, a cultural group dance was presented by the “Bisiriyu Babes cultural dancers” to entertain the invitees before father Christmas presented gifts to all.

L – R: Mrs. Ifeoluwa Odunewu, Mrs. Ajoke Mathew, Mrs. Adebola Okanlawon, Mrs. Folakemi, Miss. Josephine Olalere and Mrs. Timothy Taiwo
Mr. Kunle Akigbogun, Administrative Manager, Ogun State League of CTCMUS Limited
Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu

To end the occasion, a vote of thanks was given by the celebrant, Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu, she said “I give thanks to God Almighty for making today possible, I appreciate the honor done on me and my family by physical attendance of dignitaries from Cooperative Movement of Ogun State, Officials from the Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives, the Cooperative Leaders from South West Nigeria, the President, Cooperative Federation of Nigeria (CFN), the Executive Secretaries in the South West, notable Cooperative officers retired, the Cooperative Administrative Managers in Ogun State, Staff of OGSCOFED Limited and State Apexes Staff, My in laws, Baales and Kabiyesi, our mothers in Cooperatives etc for gracing today’s occasion. I appreciate your moral support and prayers, as you honor me, may Almighty Allah honor and bless you all abundantly. Amen. I wish everybody journey mercies back home and Happy Christmas in advance. Thank you all”.

This was followed by group photographs of the celebrant with the cutting of the event cake.

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OGSCOFED Staff Holds End of Year Party/Football match

On Monday, 7th of December, 2020, the Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) Staff celebrated its end of the year party with praise and thanksgiving to God for His provisions, protection and preservation over members of staff, Board of Directors and other stakeholders.

Mr. D. I. Ayelabola

It was a friendly affairs on 3rd of November, 2020 at Muda Lawal Stadium, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria when Bisiriyu Babes played against Ministry of Community Development and Co-operatives, Co-operative Department, in a Novelty Match tagged “Bisiriyu Challenge Cup” organized to honour the out-going Executive Secretary, OGSCOFED Limited, Mrs. Jemilat Olawanle Bisiriyu.

L – R: Miss. Josephine Olalere receiving the cup from Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu
Ministry of Community Development and Cooperatives Team

The Male team lost 4 – 5 on penalties after playing 1 – 1 draw at regulation time, while female team clinched the cup as a result of walk over rule to the opponents.

The cup was brought to office and it was presented to the Management of OGSCOFED Limited at the staff party.

OGSCOFED Staff Association Committee Members with Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu
OGSCOFED Staff CTCS Limited Committee Members with Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu
L-R: Mrs. I. M. Ajeigbe, Mrs. Olusola Ogundana, Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu and Mrs. Adebola Okanlawon
The Administrative Manager, OGSCOMOT Ltd, Mrs. Adebola Okanlawon and Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu, the out-going Executive Secretary, OGSCOFED Limited
L-R: Mrs. Florence Owoode, Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu and Mr. Ibrahim Abiodun
L-R: Miss. Oluwakemi Bankole and Mrs. J. Ola Bisiriyu
L-R: Mr. Adio Yusuf and Mr. Lukman Olayanju

Igbega Ẹgbẹ Àlàfọwọsówọpọ ni Ipinlẹ Ogun, Ajọse gbogbo wa ni o.

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Join the Coop Academy on October 2!

What is Coop Academy? 

Coop Academy is a #coops4dev capacity building and sharing knowledge initiative that aims at offering ICA members from all over the world the possibility to attend different training sessions. Through the different online training sessions participants will have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills, knowledge while improving their processes, and resources on different topics. The training topics will be strongly linked to International Development and the impactful rol of cooperative toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What are the objectives of each Coop Academy session?

  • Improve knowledge and skills
  • Stimulate innovation and growth
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Inter-regional communication
  • Further develop participants’ knowledge concerning the cooperative model and movement in relation to the SDGs and International Development

Does all the above sound interesting to you? Please find the current training schedule below:

Friday 2nd of October at 15:00 Brussels time (CEST)

The cooperative model: its contribution to the SDGs and the new economic paradigms

Click here to register

Coop Academy

Participants will engage in a discussion about cooperative identity in practice; its implications for the cooperative business model, and contributions to new economic paradigms such as the circular economy, SDGs, and economy for the common good. A cooperative perspective on sustainability will be deliberated in small discussion groups.  

Trainer: Sonja Novkovic

Sonja Novkovic is a Professor of Economics and Academic director of the International Centre for Co-operative Management at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada. She is Chair of the International Co-operative Alliance Research Committee, and a member of the NCBA Council of Economists.

Her research interests are in the field of economic democracy, including labor-managed and cooperative firms. Comparative systems and social economy research lead to her contributions to research on sustainability and performance indicators from the cooperative perspective. She is a collaborator on a four year research project on co-operative governance funded by FWO – Belgium. Her co-edited volumes include Co-operatives and the World of Work (Routledge, 2019); Cooperativism and Local Development in Cuba: An agenda for Democratic Transformation (Brill, 2018); and Co-operative Governance Fit to Build Resilience in the Face of Complexity (ICA, Brussels 2015).

Please note that the session will be held in English. No interpretation will be available.


Due to the nature of the training, the numbers of participants will be limited to maximum 100 people. 

The participants will be selected on the principle of: First come first served.

Out of the 100 available places, 20 will be reserved for ICA staff members. The other 80 will be divided between the 4 ICA regions (20 places per region). Gender and generational aspects will always be taken into consideration. 

If one region will not full fill the 20 allocated seats, the remaining ones will be equally divided among the other regions.


Click here to register to the upcoming session (October 2).

The Pay it Forward mechanism

All Coop Academy sessions will be free of charge for all the selected participants.

We are really happy to provide you with capacity building sessions that will improve your knowledge and skills on different topics. However, through Coop Academy, we would like to start a pay forward mechanism which is entirely on voluntary bases. What is the pay forward mechanism? It is a commitment from our side to provide you with quality training sessions, and from the side of the participants to help and support their local cooperatives through different methods

How can you support your local cooperatives and be part of the pay forward mechanism?

•    Make a financial donation to a local cooperative
•    Become a volunteer to help a cooperative and/or a cooperative project of your interest
•    Become a mentor and offer your skills and knowledge to co-operators that may need it
•    Any other way that you would like to support

We would really like to give visibility to those actions. Share with us what you did for you local cooperative at (through for instance videos, pictures, and/or a short text) and we will share it on social media to spread the dynamic and inspire others!


Follow #CoopAcademy and #coops4dev for more updates, and do not hesitate to share your experience using those hashtags!

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Invitation to a Regional Conference.

  Invitation to a Regional Conference.

 ICA-Africa is pleased to invite you to a Regional Conference webinar on ‘Fostering Implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) through Cooperatives’ that will be held on the 15th October, 2020.

The global aim of this meeting will be to bring government officials, cooperative leaders, partners and other stakeholders in the forum to deliberate on how best cooperatives could foster the implementation of the African Continental Free trade Area.

Specific Objectives

– To identify potential synergies, issues, opportunities and benefits for African Cooperatives emanating from the implementation of AfCFTA.

– To share knowledge that enables Cooperatives and other stakeholders in Africa to engage effectively in advocacy and policy dialogue mechanisms to support the negotiations and subsequent implementation of AfCFTA.

– To spur Cooperative organization in Africa to engage in coop to coop trade. 

Expected Outcomes

– Potential synergies, issues, opportunities and benefits for African Cooperatives emanating from the implementation of AfCFTA identified

.- Knowledge that enables Cooperatives and stakeholders in Africa to engage effectively in advocacy and policy dialogue shared.

– Cooperatives in Africa encouraged to engage in coop to coop trade.
The webinar is free to participate. 

Register for the webinar: Register for the Webinar  

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 

Read more from the conference CONCEPT NOTE

Due to the prevailing COVID-19 situation, we encourage our events sponsors to consider transferring their support to  this webinar sponsorship. We urge you to continue supporting ICA-Africa activities, raise your brand awareness and recognition in the marketplace through our suitable sponsorship package.    

Thank you.     

Kind regards,
For; The Regional Director   

Dr. Chiyoge B. Sifa (Mrs.)

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ICA celebrate 25 years of Co-operative identity

Join us to celebrate 25 years of our cooperative identity 
Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear Cooperators,
It is almost time for another celebration! With the 125th anniversary of the ICA behind us, next week we celebrate the 25thanniversary of ICA’s Statement on the Cooperative Identity. In 1995, attendees of the 31st ICA World Cooperative Congress in Manchester witnessed an event that, for the first time, explicitly defined cooperatives, identified our shared values and added the 7th cooperative principle we all have come to know and identify with: Concern for Community. This was the culmination of hard work and collaboration between members from all over the world to protect and promote the cooperative model that enables us to meet the socioeconomic needs and aspirations of our members and the communities we serve.  
Many of us, especially those who have been part of the cooperative movement for decades, consider the cooperative identity (definition, values and principles) a part of who we are and how we live. It is also the basis and foundation to cooperatives’ contribution to solving many global crises and challenges we face today and in the future. 
To examine and deepen our cooperative identity, the ICA and the Co-operative College UK are organizing two unique online events to mark this anniversary. Delivered under the banner of Cooperative Conversations, this two-part series will feature live discussion with cooperators from different parts of the world, many of whom worked in earnest to help elaborate the Statement on the Cooperative Identity, including its definition, its cooperative and ethical values, and its seven cooperative principles. These two events will also serve as a pre-event in the run-up to the 33rd World Cooperative Congress to be held next year on the theme of the cooperative identity.

We’ll also hear from advocates who tirelessly promote the cooperative identity as crucial to solving today’s global challenges and young cooperative leaders who are spreading the message to a new generation, energizing our global movement and ensuring its continuation and development. 
The first conversation, titled Looking Back for a Stronger, Brighter Future, will explore how the seven cooperative principles came to be and the significance of the global context at the time. It will also explore the impact this context had on the cooperative movement then, and crucially how the cooperative movement today could shape the future. This conversation will be held on Monday, September 21st from 1300 – 1500 CEST. 
The second conversation, titled The Impact of the Cooperative Identity on Regulation, will examine the impact of the cooperative identity statement on cooperative regulation at the national and international level. This conversation will be held on Tuesday, September 22nd from 1300 – 1500 CEST.
These two events are designed to encourage dialogue and engaging conversations between speakers. To help make this event a success, I encourage you to click here to register on the Co-operative College UK’s website, read the speaker bios, and download the Concept Paper on the 25th Anniversary, so you can be well informed, and participate by submitting questions in advance.  
This double event is a very good opportunity to be better acquainted with, and reflect upon the cooperative identity, and participate in the debate on how this identity is fully in tune with the times we are living right now. It will also be a good introduction to next year’s World Cooperative Congress “Deepen our Cooperative Identity”.
Best regards,
Bruno Roelants
ICA Director General


You can also download the Concept Paper on the 25th Anniversary here. 

File Attachments: ICA 25th Anniversary Concept Note


Message from ICA President on ICA’s 125th Anniversary

ICA President Ariel Guarco offers his best wishes on this day of celebration!

Dear cooperative friends around the world,

Today we celebrate the 125th anniversary for the International Cooperative Alliance. For me, this is not just a milestone for our organisation, but also for the entire cooperative movement.

This year, all humanity is facing tremendous challenges. From the confines of our homes, we have seen so much bad news about the pandemic, racial violence and the effects of climate change. However, we have put the cooperative principles into action, and we witnessed how cooperatives around the world have helped families cope with a deadly virus, and we will help communities rebuild, when the pandemic is over. I am proud to see the organization that was born 125 years ago, continues to be home for all organizations that practice an economy rooted in democracy and solidarity, and with that spirit that is capable of meeting today’s global challenges.

Our cooperative identity, values and principles have remained strong and are the foundation for cooperatives worldwide to help their communities survive and cope with the pandemic this year. During the past month, I have listened to cooperators from all parts of the word, tell their stories of resilience and commitment to respond to the needs of the people. I have learned of quick and innovative actions by cooperatives that have protected and helped the vulnerable members of the less fortunate population.

As a member of the cooperative movement, I know that during times of crises, cooperatives take action without hesitation. That is why this year, the cooperative activity is essential for millions of people around the world. This year, we have also witnessed worldwide, the rise of the next generation of young leaders, who are committed to erase social inequality, fight against climate change, and connecting this with the unbalanced impact of the pandemic. I firmly believe that the cooperative model can be the channel through which our youth can democratically organise and be the agent of social transformation. Using our cooperative identity as a banner, we can steadily work towards the sustainable development of the communities we serve.

To cooperators everywhere, I would like to thank you for your contributions to the global challenges we face today and for your innovative thinking to improve our lives in the future. Together, we will continue to build a strong and transformative cooperative movement for the next hundred years and beyond.

I send you a strong cooperative hug from a distance!

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OGSCOFED Limited Branches/Zones AGMs



I am directed by the Board of Directors of Ogun State Co-operative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) to inform you that the Branch/Zone AGM of Ogun State Co-operative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) will be held as per schedule.

Under listed is the date of the Branch/Zone Annual General Meeting (AGM) in your area.

Kindly Note that each Co-operative Society is to be represented with One (1) Delegate and One (1) Observer at the AGM (because of the COVID-19 Pandemic) which will commence by 11:00WAT.


Remo Branch IITuesday, 1st September, 2020Sayedero Co-operative Consumer, Ode RemoPresident OGSCOFED Limited, Alhaji Akinwunmi Dauda and Pa. R. O. Badmus
Remo Branch IWednesday, 2nd September, 2020Oluwakemi Offin Sagamu CTCU LimitedPresident OGSCOFED Ltd, Mr. M. T. Idowu and Elder Kayode Salako
Ijebu North BranchThursday, 3rd September, 2020Ifesowapo Idosa Atan road, Oke Agbo, Ijebu IgboPresident OGSCOFED Limited, Alhaji Yissau Titilola and Mrs. Adesina
Ijebu Central BranchWednesday 9th September, 2020Ijebu Central Secretariat, Oke Owa, Ijebu Ode PresidentOGSCOFED Limited, Evang. Philip Babatunde and Mrs. A. A. Adebiyi
Yewa North BranchTuesday, 15th September, 2020.Itesiwaju Ayetoro CTCU LimitedPresident OGSCOFED Limited, Alhaji Akinwunmi Dauda and Elder Wole Oguntoyinbo
Abeokuta Central BranchWednesday, 16th September, 2020.OGSCOFED Limited Hall, Asero, AbeokutaPresident OGSCOFED Limited, Evang. Philip Babatunde and Alhaji Yissau Titilola
7. Ewekoro/Ifo/Ado Odo/Ota BranchThursday, 17th September, 2020.
Ifeparapo Joju, Sango OtaPresident OGSCOFED Limited, Pastor Femi Oluronbi and Hon. G. Olamijulo Owoseje
Abeokuta Branch ITuesday, 22nd September, 2020Teledalase (Ab) CTCU Limited, HallPresident OGSCOFED Limited, Hon. G. O. Owoseje and Alhaji K. A. Adedo
Ogun Central Salary Earners ZoneWednesday, 23rd September, 2020.OGSCOFED Limited Hall, Asero, AbeokutaPresident OGSCOFED Limited, Mr. M. T. Idowu and Hon. G. O. Owoseje
Remo Salary Earners ZoneThursday, 24th September, 2020Remo Co-operative Services Hall, Sabo, Sagamu.President OGSCOFED Limited, Alhaji Yissau Titilola and Mrs. Adeshina
Abeokuta Branch IIMonday, 28th September, 2020.Ife Oluwa Idi-Aba (Ab) CMU LimitedPresident OGSCOFED Limited, Mrs. C.F. Agunbiade and Mr. Ashifat
12.Yewa South BranchMonday, 5th October, 2020Co-operative Complex, Ilaro, Ogun StatePresident OGSCOFED Limited, Elder Kayode Salako
Pre – AGM (Board Meeting)Tuesday, 13th October, 2020.Chief Kudoro Board Room, OGSCOFED Limited Building, Asero, AbeokutaAll Board of Directors of OGSCOFED Limited
OGSCOFED Limited Annual General Meeting (AGM)Tuesday, 20th October, 2020.Tayo Sobanjo Building, Co-operative House, Asero, AbeokutaOne (1) Delegate and One (1) Observer from each Branches and Zones.

a. Each Member must come along with his/her Nose Mask.

b. Also each Branch/Zone must make provision for water and soap with hand sanitizer available at the venue of the Branches/Zones Annual General Meetings (AGM).

c. Arrangement of chairs to be in-conformity with Social distancing policy of the Federal and State Government.


Yours faithfully,


Executive Secretary

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Invitation to Gender Equality Webinar

 Invitation to Gender Equality Webinar.


The International Cooperative Alliance- Africa and We Effect regional office for East Africa warmly invites you to a Gender Equality Webinar that will be held on 23rd July 2020, at 14:00 hrs (EAT).  

With no exception of any sector nor person; the Cooperative movement has been severely impacted by the detriments that has come a long with Covid-19 pandemic, more in particular in widening the gender gap. 

The objective of this webinar is to bring government officials, cooperative leaders and other stakeholders in the forum to deliberate on how best cooperatives can mitigate the impact of Covid-19 pandemic through gender equality. The webinar will bring in regional perspectives by the ICA-Africa gender committee and the We-effect – on key cooperative sectors and practical cases:-i.e  to recap the role of gender equality in cooperative development, highlight gender dimensions in the cooperative movement during this pandemic, to understand the importance of data as a response to mitigating the pandemic and to expound self-branding/imaging as a pivotal tool and response in the promotion of gender rights. 

Register for this webinar: Register for the Webinar   

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.    

Attached please find the Concept Note for your information.      

Thank you.     

Kind regards,

For; The Regional Director   

Dr. Chiyoge B. Sifa (Mrs.)

Concept_Note_Gender_Equality_Webinar Scan and download